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         the 2006 conference ...

From July 14-16, 2006, the Academy for New Musical Theatre and State of the Art Productions hosted an intensive summer conference on the business of the musical theatre business.

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7:00-8:00 PM    Wine & Cheese Schmooze

8:00-10:00 PM  Panel #1  Meet the Writers
                        Moderated by Stuart Ross

Meet the writers of recently produced musicals in Los Angeles, and learn about their journeys to production. 

Panelists: Steve Cuden (additional lyrics for Jekyll & Hyde); Patricia Cotter (book & lyrics) and Lori Scarlet (music) - The BreakUp Notebook - the Lesbian Musical; Marie Cain (Naked Boys Singing); and Phil Olson (writer - Hug Me).

Patricia Cotter & Lori Scarlett
(The Breakup Notebook: The Lesbian Musical)

Phil Olson (Don't Hug Me) and
Steve Cuden (Jekyll & Hyde)

Michael Kerker (ASCAP) and
Dan Berkowitz (Dramatists Guild)

Scott Guy introduces David Hamlin,
Kevin Bannerman, Sheldon Epps, and Kevin Traxler

Producers Jon Imparato and Rose Marcario

9:00-10:00 AM     Coffee & Donut Schmooze

10:00-11:30 PM   Seminar #1  Should I Produce Myself?
                          Moderated by Elise Dewsberry

Producer/writers: Phil Olson (Don't Hug Me); Matt Goldsby (If Only); Ron Fink (Bad Wolf Press); James Esposito (Chromolume Theatre Company); and Elin Hampton (Mommy).  These guests talked about the joys and nightmares of producing and promoting your own show.

11:30-1:15 PM    The Letter of the Law

Gordon Firemark and Richard Schulenberg (author of Legal Aspects of the Music Industry) answered legal questions about contracts, negotiations, collaboration agreements, copyright, licensing, and underlying rights.

1:15-1:45 PM     Lite Lunch Schmooze

1:45-3:15 PM    Seminar #3  What Do I Get Paid?

Michael Kerker (ASCAP) and Dan Berkowitz (Dramatists Guild) answered royalty questions.

3:15-3:30 PM      Coffee Break Schmooze

3:30-5:30 PM      Panel #2  Should I Write a Big
                                     or Small Musical?
                          moderated by Scott Guy

Panelists discussed the balance between artistic and financial considerations.  Sheldon Epps (Pasadena Playhouse); Kevin Traxler (Forever Plaid); Kevin Bannerman (independent producer), and David Hamlin (East of Doheny, Broadway producer).

5:30-7:30 PM      (free for off-site dinner plans)

7:30-10:30 PM     Panel #3  Meet the Producers

moderated by director/choreographer Kay Cole

What are Los Angeles producers looking for in new musicals?  Jon Imparato and Rose Marcario (The Break-Up Notebook: the Lesbian Musical), Hilary Genga (independent producer, Tight Quarters),  and Steve Ullman (independent producer) responded to three live pitches of new musicals and answered questions about what makes a pitch work - or not.  (to be considered for one of the live pitches, participants needed to enroll in the ANMT Pitching to Producers Seminar. )

11:30-1:30 PM   The ANMT Workshop Process

A taste of ANMT's feedback process.  Selections from three musicals were read, sung, and critiqued on Sunday afternoon.
(The opportunity to submit was available to all conference participants registered for Sunday's session.)

2:00-4:00 PM     Panel #4  Los Angeles Theatre Companies
                        moderated by Susie Chodakiewitz

Producers and Artistic Directors from Los Angeles theatres (and environs) talked about how original musicals fit into their season planning.
Theatres represented were:
     Antaeus Theatre
     Chromolume Theatre Company
     Greenway Arts Alliance

     Playwright's Arena
Valley Music Theatre
     The Theatre @ Boston Court

4:00-5:00 PM     Final Schmooze

5:00-7:00 PM     Panel # 5   What Now?
                        moderated by publicist Tim Choy

You've written a great musical.  What now?  A panel discussion on how to approach producers, with guests Pier Carlo Talenti (Center Theatre Group); Tom McCoy (McCoy-Rigby Entertainment), Susan Dietz (producer), Stephen Citron (author of The Musical from the Inside Out) and Mark Winkler (lyricist, Play It Cool and Naked Boys Singing).

Panel of Los Angeles Theatre Companies

Tom McCoy and Mark Winkler

CTG Literary Manager Pier Carlo Talenti

C O M M E N T S   F R O M   P A R T I C I P A N T S

Some comments from the attendees of the
2006 Biz of the Musical Theatre Biz Conference:

"Informative, interesting, invigorating, indispensable."

Sachi Oyama

"This was one of the most informed conferences on all the aspects of the musical theatre I have ever attended. Beautifully organized, great panelists, intelligent Q and A's. It re-ignited my enthusiasm to write for musical theatre."

Joe Cardinale

"A lively and comprehensive event, certainly the most useful conference I have ever attended. The panelists' insights and thoughtful responses to audience questions have proved enormously helpful."

Nance Crawford

"As someone new to the city, the conference was a perfect overview of the LA theatre scene, giving me a real sense of the challenges and the opportunities available to the independent artist. The networking was great - the contacts I made this past weekend have given me a sense of community and a starting point for getting my work out.  I left the conference feeling totally exhausted, but energized and motivated at the same time."

Deborah La Puma

"I thank the Academy and volunteers for an incredible professional comprehensive (and classy) conference. I made wonderful connections, got great insights, and learned the many ways in which I don't have to reinvent the wheel. I was grateful for the many opportunities I had to have my questions answered.  A memorable weekend."

Sandy Shanin

"The conference really helped me understand the pitfalls and opportunities of moving from the page to the stage....There is nothing greater than the power of the right idea. We are blessed to have a visionary staff who are determined to nudge us out of inertia, down the bumpy road to musical theater success."

Jeffery Lyle Segal

" Very successful conference. Lots of great panelists, valuable tips and good munchies!"

Kenneth Gardner

O T H E R   I M P O R T A N T    I N F O

All sessions took place at:

The Academy for New Musical Theatre
5628 Vineland Avenue
North Hollywood, CA  91601

ANMT * 5628 VINELAND AVE * NORTH HOLLYWOOD * 91601 * 818.506.8500 * academy@anmt.org