The New Musicals Initiative is the professional development wing of the Academy for New Musical Theatre.

Through the New Musicals Initiative, we have worked with writers such as Jeff Marx, Placido Domingo, Jr., Mark Hollmann, Georgia Stitt, and more.

And we've worked with such producers as East West Players, American Folklore Theatre, Red Mountain Theatre, Celebration Theatre, the Latino Theatre Company, Deaf West Theatre, the Department of Drama at UC Irvine, and many more.

The New Musicals Initiative offers two basic pathways for development:

Developing an existing musical

"I recently had the pleasure of working with [the New Musicals Initiative] on a reading of my new musical. I'm deeply impressed with the care and intelligence of their creative input, and would not hesitate to work with them again."

-- Mark Hollmann, Tony award-winning composer, Urinetown

For producers or writers with an early draft of a new musical, the New Musicals Initiative offers support through critical evaluations, table readings, and concert presentations.  More detailed information about this option is on our SEARCH FOR NEW MUSICALS page.

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Developing a musical from scratch

"EWP's mission to support underrepresented voices in the Asian Pacific community wanted to create an original musical in a very short span of time. Our collaboration with ANMT's incredible creativity, energy and artistic quality of musical development took us from an idea all the way to production. We now have a unique new work to expand the canon of American musicals. We can't imagine the number of works we can add to the American musical theater under the guidance of ANMT."

-- Tim Dang, Artistic Director, East West Players

For producers looking for a new musical to fit a specific goal, we offer a process that can take you from idea to stage, with the producer in the driver's seat.  We can start with a sentence-sized idea; assemble writing teams; present pitch material; and support the early development through table readings and workshops.

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Some of the new musicals developed through the New Musicals Initiative process have more detailed information available (synopsis; cast size; song samples; etc.) through our ONLINE CATALOG page.