Evaluation Options
for developing a musical through the
New Musicals Initiative

Script Evaluation

20-30 minute audio Overview Evaluation - $195
2-3 hour video in-depth Analysis - $400

An NMI dramaturg will read your script and listen to your demo and respond with an audio evaluation addressing core topics such as: Is the plot clear and trackable? Is the theme clear and compelling? Does your lead have a clearly defined want and strong obstacles? Is the exposition delivered skillfully? Do the lyrics progress the story? Is there a partnership between the lyrics and the music? Does the score have variety and breadth? Is the authors´┐Ż intent being realized as fully as possible?

The video Analysis covers the same topics as the audio Overview, but at a much more detailed level, often discussing the work page by page, even line-by-line. Focus is on specific songs, themes, characters, subplot, diction, story logic, as well as manuscript presentation, marketability, and recommendations for next steps.

(includes submission for current SEARCH)

Staff Table Reading with Feedback

starting at $1500. Includes table reading and 3-hour feedback session.

Three NMI staff members provide feedback on book, music and lyrics. Authors can present the material, or the staff can cold-read/sing.

Table Reading with Actors

starting at $3400

Four actors and NMI staff members give a single unrehearsed reading of dialogue and score.  Piano/vocal score must be ready for sight-reading.  Dramaturg, musical consultant and lyric consultant will discuss the work and provide 3-hour feedback session. 

Concert Reading

starting at $5000

Director and music director and up to ten actors prepare the dialogue and entire score; then give a single book-in-hand suggested-staging concert performance at the Academy for New Musical Theatre, suitable for an invited audience.  Trained evaluators will discuss the work and provide 3-hour feedback session. 

Online Services

For those writers and producers who do not live in Los Angeles, we offer an online version of the Staff Table Reading and Concert Reading.  These are single-camera ambient-sound wide-shot versions for evaluation purposes only; accessible by broadband via a private password, and unsuitable for marketing, broadcast, or solicitation.  Add $500 to the published price, for videotaping, digitizing, titling, uploading, and broadband fees.

These prices are guidelines and not fixed.  Every project is unique, and requirements will differ.  NMI staff will guide the musical to the appropriate level of feedback; nine times out of ten, we will steer you towards the least expensive version.  We find, for instance, that the majority of musicals benefit most from the in-depth Script Analysis ($400), and that it's a distraction to involve actors or audience until the book is functioning.

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